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Can I Request Actual Photos?All dolls are made to order, to assure you that you are getting the correct custom doll we will send you a photo of your doll before shipping it out. For in-stock sex dolls, we will send the doll the same as the photo, so we will not send you a factory photo unless you request it.
Are The Heads Attached?Yes, heads are removable and adjustable.
Are The Jelly Breasts Worth It?It is worth it. Jelly breast is the main material for breast augmentation. 99% close to the real breast.
Are There Any Cheap Sex Dolls Under $300?No, we don’t have that price range
Can I Buy A Moaning System For My Doll?Sorry, The moaning system is implanted in the doll and cannot be sold.
Can I Buy Clothes Only?
Can I Come Pay Cash And If There Are Places Where I Could Pick The Doll Up In A Car Instead Of Delivery?We only do credit cards and PayPal / PayPal Credit. At the moment, if you are in US and dont wanna pick it up in your house, you could call your call FedEx station to check if they have the pick-up service, if so, you could use their address as the delivery address. We use FedEx in the US.
Can I Get A Us Stock Doll With A $35 Removal Vagina With The Same Shipping Time Of 3 To 7 Days ?Our in-stock dolls are all with a fixed vagina. You can choose from our custom sex dolls.
Can I Look First And Read About Dolls Before Giving Order?Sure just contact our online agents, we will send over more details 🙂
Can I Order A Doll Head With A Different Doll Body?Yes, just place an order under the body and leave an order note that you wanna change the head to someone else.
Can Makeup Be Applied To The Dolls?Yes, we recommend using powdered cosmetics.
Can The Eye Color Be Changed?Yes, we can switch eyes color.
Can You Choose The Breast Size Of The Doll You Pick?There will be no option on the profile to choose the breast size but we can definitely make adjustments, you could leave an order note when checking out:)
Do The Doll Come With Hair?Yes, the doll comes with a wig
Do The Dolls Have Articulated Fingers Or Wire FingersThey only have wire fingers. Articulated fingers cost about $200, which we think is not worth it.
Do They Have Tight Pussies?Yes, the doll have a very tight pussy
Do They Talk?They do. They can conduct simple conversations
Do You Do Custom Dolls?We sure do! You can do it here,
Just upload photos of her and we’ll take care of it.
Do You Guys Have Any Sex Dolls Who Have Pubic Hair?Yes, all dolls have that option.
Do You Have A Customer Service Phone Number?Yes, you could reach us at +1-2098132174, but with limited number of agents availability only.
Do You Have A Physical Store?Unfortunately, we do not have any physical store where you can walk-in to make a purchase. All orders and customer service is done online, via our website. You can rest assured that we take great pride in making all transactions secured and discreet. We value every customer’s privacy and security.
Do You Have Dolls With Mechanical Mouths That Suck Dick?All our dolls are capable to automatically such duck. If you add our auto-blow feature, please contact our online agents,we will send a sample video for you.
Do You Have Factory Photos Of This Doll?Please contact our online agent, we will send the factory of the doll you want.
Do You Have Plus Size Male Dolls?The highest male doll height is 180cm, 5 ft 10, as it might be too heavy to carry if exceed 180cm
Do You Offer A Custom Painted Skin Color Like Blue Or Red?We have blue skin sex doll. For other colors, it depends, you could contact our agents to get more information.
Do You Sell The Clothing In The Pics For Each Doll?The clothes on the doll are only used for pictorial purposes.
Do You Sell The Doll Heads As Separate Items?Yes, we do. If you want to custom doll head please contact our online agents. Or here:
Do You Ship To The Uk? Which Mini Sex Doll One Can Be Shipped Auk?Of course, we ship to UK, We can ship all mini doll in UK 🙂
Does This Doll Have A Place To Put Dick In Its Mouth And Ass?Of course! All TPE dolls come with 3 holes for ultimate pleasure. Mouth for oral, anus for anal, and vagina. For silicone head, no oral function.
Does Your Sex Doll Comes With All The Realistic Skin Effects?Our doll is made of TPE which makes it soft to touch and feeling nearly as real.
For The Dolls With Pubic Hair, How Is The Hair Attached?The hair will be implanted.
How Do I Choose The Extra Head That I Want?Please use this link:
How Do I Select The Free Jelly Breast? My Got Over $1000If your order total is $1000, no need add the jelly breast to cart, we will upgrade it for free.
How Does The Foldable Options Limbs Attach?Contact our online agant, we will send the picture to you.
How I Can Get A Sex Doll?Currently, all orders can only be placed online. Just select your doll, customize if you need to, then add to cart and check her out of the cart or you can also add more details. Upon check out, you can pay via debit/credit card or PayPal(We dont have PayPal on our website, but we could create an invoice for you to process payment). If you have any questions you can ask us here.
How Long Should It Take Before I See The Factory Picture?It takes 7-14 days honey for the factory to make it
How To Order Accessories Only?Check it here:
I Am Looking For Doll 65Cm To 88Cm You Got Any Thing Like That?Please contact our online agent
I Have A Very Big Dick And I Was Just Wondering What Would Best Suit Me?You can check our meaurement in all product pages.
I Want A Smaller Lighter Doll But Only What’S Acceptable In Australia?If you are in Australia, you can only choose 140cm+ dolls. So the smallest doll in AU is 140cm doll.
I Was Wondering If There Is A Way To Change The Language Of My Doll.At the moment we only have English and Chinese available. If you wanna change the language, you need to double press the button.
I Was Wondering If You Knew Why There Were Such Huge
Differences In Price For What Seems To Be The Same Doll ? Are There Scammed Out There ?
We did work with these brand names, like WM Doll, JY Doll, Sanhui Doll before. These brand-name doll factories are based in Zhong Shan & Dong Guan. The wholesale price we bought from them is $1000 each. But they ask us to set our retail price at $1799 at least. We can not change the retail price to $1100 or $1200 because of their price policy.
Too many customers said the price is too high. So later, we don’t work with these brands; we just work with the factory. We have the same design, material, artist, but different prices. There is no need to worry about quality, as we are committed to providing the best doll at the best price!
I’M Looking For Black Skinny, Can You Give Me Some Suggestion?Here is a list of our available black dolls
I’D Like To Order Some Wigs For My Love DollYou could check it here
If I Don’T Upgrade The Head, What Do I Get?It’s just an option for you to upgrade to silicone.
If you don’t upgrade, it will be TPE head.
I’M Just Wondering If Your Dolls Are Self LubricatingNo they’re not. But you can use water based lubricants for them.
I’M Looking For Girls Sex ToysHere are our male dolls:
Is The Default Tpe Header The Same As The Photo?Default TPE’s similarity is 90%. If you want 99% similarity, you can upgrade to silicone head.
Is The Doll Coming With Cloth?The doll will come with random lingerie.
Is There Any Sample Of What The Moaning Upgrade Sounds Like? 
Is This Legit?Of course, we are legit. We have been in this industry for more than 5 years.
Looking For A Smaller, Lighter Sex Doll?Just check our mini sex dolls, their height starts from 100cm/3ft3, weight start from 13kg/28lbs.
Tpe Vs Silicon, Which Is Better?Marie: Silicone is one good material to use for a doll, but TPE is the best. Not only is silicone very expensive, it is also too hard to use. It is a thicker and harder material compared to TPE. TPE on the other hand is softer and smoother, which will give you that real life feel compared to silicone that is harder and sticky. It is also lighter making positioning the doll easier especially if you are a first timer. Silicone is sturdy and can last for many years, this is the same for TPE especially with proper care. You can check out tips on how to clean and maintain your doll here.
What Are The Custom Features? Like Boob Sizes?Yeah, you could custom the breast size as well as eyes color , skin color, you can also add features like body heating, voice and etc.
What Countries Is Sex Doll Legal In?
What Doll Has The Deepest Holes?Choose the taller ones 🙂
What Is A “Yoga Skeleton”?Compared to the standard skeleton, yoga is a more advanced skeleton, which is super flexible and allows for more natural, human-like posing for both modeling/photography and sexual positions. So that they can squat, stretch and kneel like a real humans.
What Is A Tpe Doll?The TPE doll body is made of TPE. TPE is a smoother and softer material compared to silicone that will give the doll the human feel. It is also less expensive and lighter in weight, making it easier for you to move your doll compared to silicone that can also be very sticky.
What Is The Advantage To A Removable Vagina?The most advantage is it’s for better cleaning.
What Is The Difference Between A Tpe Head And Silicone Head?TPE is cost-effective, similarity is 90%, sometimes not the same as the photo. Silicone head is more expensive & more real. We suggest buy a TPE head at first and if satisfied with the doll, buy a silicone head later.
What Is The Doll Skin Like In The Picture?If you no sure, contact our online agents.
What Is The Doll’S Cup?You can check the sex doll size specifics bottom of the page. For more detailed please contact our online agents.
What Is The Height Of Mini Size DollsThe mini dolls’ height is 100cm 3 ft 3, mini plus doll is 110cm 3’7, and mini max is 125cm 4’1
What Size Is The Doll In The Pictures?You could find the doll details in the description
What’S The Difference Between Premium And Not Premium Sex Doll That In Stock?For the default version, she comes exactly as pictured with the wig, standard skeleton, built-in vagina, and standing feet. For the premium version, she comes with more features, including jelly breast, shrugging shoulder skeleton, standing feet, built-in vagina. Additionally, tongue, hanging hook, random extra eyes & wigs are also included within the package.
Where Are Dolls Shipped From?All orders are shipped from our factory based in Shenzhen & Hong kong. However, if you order an “In Stock” doll it will be shipped from a local warehouse near you and you can expect delivery within 3-7 days.
Where Are You Located?We are based in Hong Kong, and we have thousands of sex dolls in our overseas warehouses in the US, AU, CA, EU, UK.
Which Dolls Are Silicone?All our dolls only have TPE body available.
We offer silicone head option.
Will I Be Able To See The Doll Before It Ships And Be Able Return If I Am Unsatisfied With The Way It Turned OutActually, we don’t accept cancellations for already shipped dolls. That is why, we make sure to send photo of completed doll before ship out.
If you need some things changed or adjusted, then it will be redone
Will Sex Doll Pregnant Belly Squish Down When I Lie On Top Of Her?No, the stomach won’t squish down when you go up to her. It is solid.
Can You Accept Paypal?Yes, we do accept paypal payments. Please contant our online agent. We will send your paypal invoice
Do You Have Payment PlansWe accept PayPal Credit, you could apply it in Paypal. Or we could split your payment into several small ones manually, and then we got the first payment, we will start to produce, and when we got the last one, we will ship it out 🙂
Payment Failed?Check it:
Any Promo Code?Just checked our homepage banner, we always publish all promotion there 🙂
How Long Are Your Discount Going To Last For?Just checked our homepage, we always publish all promotion there 🙂
How Long Is Shipping?All dolls are made to order, after succesfully processing your order we will immediately send the order to our factory to start production. It may take up to 14 days before your order is completed. Once shipped, for US standard shipping it may take 7-9 weeks. There is an option to expedite shipping for $400 – $500 per doll via UPS or Fedex.
How Do You Ship Them?It depends on location, please check our shipping policy here:
Where Are These Dolls Being Shipped From?All orders are shipped from our factory based in Dongguan & Hong kong.
Where Do You Ship Your In-Stock Doll From?Our US warehouse is located in Los Angeles, Canada is locatied in , UK is locatied in ,EU is locatied in , RU is locatied in
Why Is It Too Long?With the current port congestion issue world-wide, recently there is a 7-14 days delay with deliveries.
Import TaxAlthough rare, some shipments may require the customer to pay an import tax to their country’s customs office in order to have their package delivered. We cover 100% shipment costs with the couriers unless you opt for expedite shipping.However we do not provide assistance with import taxes.
Do I Have To Pay Import And Stamp Duty Taxes On Top Of The Price Of This Doll?For US, EU, UK, no need to pay extra VAT. For CA & AU, you will need to pay no more than $30 duty tax.
I Live In Canada. Would You Ship Here? Is There A Special Tax Or Extras To Prices?Yeah we do ship to Canada via expedited shipping. We don’t charge taxes in our orders. You will need to pay for import duty no more than $30.
Can I Shower With My Doll?You can shower with your doll, it is advised that you wrap any visible metal part with a plastic to avoid any damage. Also, be careful in handling the skeletal system. The dolls are slippery when they are wet, make sure you put a good weight when showering with them. if you have a heating system installed, the doll will have a small hole in her nape, make sure to securely cover it to avoid getting wet.
Can I Use Different Vagina Toys In This Doll If I Get The Removable Vagina Option?it is possible, as long as it fits and does not destroy the doll.
Do I Need To Use Lubricant?Using a lubricant is a “MUST”, not only does it make the exeperience better it also helps in keeping your doll away from tear.
Do You Have Any Cleaning Kits Available?As our way of saying thank you, we will give you a gift set that will include a cleaning kit to make cleaning your doll easier.
How Do I Clean The Doll’S Mouth?We have tips on how to maintain your dolls. . And also, We would suggest you get removable parts, like Removable Vagina, Removable Tongue for easier cleaning
How Do I Store My Doll?It is recommended that you store your dolls without any clothes or use light colored clothes. Avoid using dark colored fabrics and tight clothing with your dolls, this may cause stains to the doll’s skin. When using dark clothings, make sure to wash them first. It is always best to use light colored, loose clothes on your doll.
How Do You Install The Head?Check here
How Does The Body Heat Work?Wiring will be run through the doll’s body and there will be a plug outlet somewhere on the doll’s body. The doll will also come with a wire that will plug into the doll’s body and the other end will run to the wall outlet. Once start to charge, the doll’s torso, vagina, and anus will reach the normal body temperature (36℃ or 96.8℉) in about 40 mins and will be ready for use.
How Is The Doll Packaged? 
How To Remove The Sex Doll’S Removable Legs?Please contact our online agents, we will send the disassembly method for you.
How Would The Moaning System Work?Long press to switch power, double click to switch between Chinese and English. You could get more info here: &
May I Change My Order And Upgrade It?It depends, if it hasnt been shipped out, we will try to upgrade it for you. But if it has been shipped out, we can not get it back and modify it for you.
I Wanna Cancel My OrderPlease check this link for more information At the same time, could I know the reason for it? No worry, we will help you out, just contact our online chat asap!
I Would Like To Know Where Is My Doll Now.Please contact our online agent, we will check it for you.
Has My Custom Doll Shipped?All custom dolls are made to order. If you have not get our tracking number, I believe your doll is in production, no worry, you will get a factory photo once it was finished before shipped out.
I Wanna See Factory Photo About The Doll’S Body.Please contact our online agent and send which doll you want. We will send the phtotos to you.